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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

June Tournament Pictures...finally

June 2007 Ft. Myers Go Club Rating Tournament
by kent1956

Ok..ok I know..it's about time...I know you all have been waiting, holding your breath...to see these pictures...I thought my camera completely lost all the pictures I took, but here are a few I managed to salvage.

Thanks again to all 22 players that came and made this first tournament a success. I look forward to seeing you all return in the fall to the next tournament.

The Cape Coral Library Meeting Room. Tournament in progress.

Dan Moise, 4 dan from Sarasota stopped in for a visit and played teaching games with players.

Shaun Sullivan, 2 kyu from West Palm Beach.

Shuan and Joshua Fallon at table 1.

Jacob and Samuel.

James Shenko and Rob Cheney at table 2.

Mr. Joshua Frye, Go teacher extrodinaire, considers his next move.

Chuck Saint deep in thought.

Nathan Slider and Collin.

Lisa and Jerek.

The Big Board!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Finally another post....

Summer Go in Ft. Myers
By Kent Secor

Yes, I know, it's been awhile since my last report. I just know you are crazy with wondering what is happening with Go in the community....well relax, I will tell all....

It has been the summer duldrums, the winds have been slack and the players scarce as hens teeth..well not quite. But it has been slow.

I am hoping that all are enjoying their summer break from the school year, and will be ready for the full Go schedule come this fall.

We have been seeing about 4 players show up on Sundays at Barnes and Nobles. Yesterday I welcomed three new players to their first club meeting. Lisa from the NFM Lbrary Go program. James and Tyler who are new to the Go community in Ft. Myers joined us with the promise to return.

The NFM library program has seen a faithful group gathering each Thursday night.

The most faithful family of Go players, the Ponaders are taking a great trip to Alaska this month. Our own master player, Rob Cheney just got back from a trip to Alaska last week and joined me last Sunday at Barnes and Nobles with the Ponaders.

Mr. Joshua Frye and I have discussed when to hold the next tournament and have settled on the second week of September. This will allow everyone 3 weeks to get back into the swing of the school year, and kick off the Go programs for the school year.

If you want to start a Go club in your school contact us and Mr. Frye and I will assist you.

This week's Go meetings are:

Tuesday night 5:30-9PM, Cape Coral Library meeting room
Thursday night 5:00-7:30PM, N. Ft. Myers Library meeting room
Sunday 1-?PM, Barnes and Nobles cafe.

Well that's all for now.
Let's Play GO!