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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Winds of Change

Winds of Change
by Kent Secor

Wow! What a week or so.....I finally found a job and just the job I was looking and praying for. On Monday June 11 I started with Bo's Electric and Specialties as the Electric Service Manager.

It was a heady first week. I had to jump in and schedule the men, handle customer calls and learn a new system of paperwork and computer, on my first day. It was truely a jumping in and learning to swim...NOW!

I was "flooded" as my ADD friend often says. Now I am treading water and breathing the sweet sea air.


Just a reminder of the weeks meetings:

Tuesday Night at Cape Coral Public Library. Gulfcoast Chess and Go Club, operated by Rob Cheyne. 5:30 to 8:30 PM.

Thursday Night at the NFM Public Library, 5:00 to 7:30 with Kent Secor.

Sunday 1 t0 about 5PM at Barnes and Nobles.


Saturday, June 9, 2007

First Ever Ft. Myers Go Club Rating Tournament

First Ever Ft. Myers Go Club Rating Tournament a Sounding Success.
By Kent Secor
kent1956, President of the Ft. Myers Go Club and Club Reporter.

The First Ever Ft. Myers Go Club Rating Tournament was a sounding success.

We had 23 people show up to play in the tournament. Boys, girls, and men.Of that group, 6 were already AGA members and 17 were new to the AGA and will earn their first rank from this tournament.

Joshua Fallon, 8 kyu, and Shaun Sullivan, 2 kyu, from West Palm Beach Go Club, came over to lend their support and play in the tournament.

It was our privelege to have Dan Moise, 4 dan visit us in the afternoon to play teaching games and address the tournament players.

We greatly appreciate the support of these fine Go players.

The event was sponsored by Mrs. Linda Ponader, who supplied much needed snacks and bottled water for the tournament players. Thanks Go Mom!

Thanks to all the parents that support their youths' go activities and all the players for coming out and having fun playing Go!

We were able to play 5 rounds with a 45 minute sudden death time periods. We used the 45 minute sudden death because of the time restraints with using the free meeting room in the Cape Coral Public Library. We had by 5PM to meet our clean up and clear out deadline of 5:30 PM.All went according to schedule.

We did get a 15 minute delailed start because of a computer virus, a trojan horse, that decided to pop up as we were inputting the registered players.

We used the PyTD software, and as a new TD I found it really easy to use. I did have Chuck Saint to help us, Chuck is the IT man at the University. We recommend using this software for pairings.

Dan Moise was very impressed with the facilities and the turn out and said that we have a good start in this tournament. Thanks Dan for all your support and advice. It was your tournament in Sarasota last fall, as well as the club activities at Border's, that has encouraged me to get something going with Go in my city.

Next month we are talking about a Go in the Park event, should be fun.

Our next Rating Tournament will be in August, we are looking to hold it at the Gulfcoast University, and it will be a fee tournament with prizes.


Friday, June 8, 2007

June Tournament Update

Hi all,

The big day is coming and is even now knocking on our door.

The First Ever Ft. Myers Go Club Monthly Rating Tournament
is tomorrow, Saturday June 9, starting at 9:30 for Registration, First games starting at 10:15, ending at 5 PM.

The three officers of the Ft. Myers Go club met yesterday to pound out the final details for the tournament. This is the final plans that we will use tomorrow.

All games will be dead time of 45 minutes each player. (We have a time limit in the Library meeting room and want all to have time for 4 game rounds.)

Pairing will be by PyTD software.

No prizes this tournament, but we will have them in future tournaments. We will have certificates for winners in each band.

We are following the AGA rules and will arbitrate any disagreements between players accordingly. Proper Go Tournament rules will apply, we will review them at the tournament.

Dan Moise, 4 dan from Sarasota plans on coming in the afternoon for support and will be available for teaching between games.

We will have the demo board, and have game problems posted for in between games.

If there are any problems during the tournament please address them to me, Kent Secor. I will be acting TD for this tournament, with Joshua Frye and Rob Cheyne assisting me.

Special notes, I suggest you bring a lunch as we only have time for a half hour lunch because of the time limit in using the meeting room.

As of now we do not have coffee supplies, (I apoligize for this last minute change), so bring your own thermos of coffee. If you would like to sponsor the event with coffee/tea making supplies let me know, thanks. Linda Ponader has offered to bring some snack items, thanks Linda for your support.