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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Tournament report

Ft. Myers Go Club Fall Bash Tournament.
By Kent1956

Well all is GO! Everything is set to kick off this school years tournament cycle.

Mr. Frye, Go teacher extrodinaire, has everything in place for us to have a well run tournament.

Mrs. Ponader is preparing the snacks and drinks, and will be making the pizza run for us. The Ponader's have also paid the rental for the hall for us. Thanks Ponaders for your sponsorship.

Shaun Sullivan, 2 kyu, and Joshua Fallon, 7 kyu are planning on coming over from West Palm Beach.

Larry Rabinowitz, 1 kyu from Sarasota Go Club is planning on coming down too. Perhaps he will bring some of the other strong players from Sarasota.

Mr. Frye told me that about 20 of his students will attend.

Some of the guys from the N. Ft. Myers Library club will also come.

I will see you all there.....

Let's Play GO!!!