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Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday Afternoon at Barnes and Nobles

Sunday afternoon found me facing my old friend Nathan Slider in the cafe at Barnes and Nobles to play GO.

We met about 2pm and played 5 games in about 3 hours. It was great catching up with you Nathan, thanks for coming up from Naples.

Nathan is now about my strength, 11kyu. We started with Nate taking a three stone handicap and beating me. The following games we decreased the handicap till we played an even game with only a few stones difference between us.

I will plan on being at Barnes and Nobles each Sunday afternoon to play GO! I hope to see more show up.

In the plans, a club ladder, mini tournaments, an on going tournament, attendance prizes, most improved prizes, most games played (at club meetings only) prizes, Go problems quiz prize.

Let's Play GO!