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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ft. Myers Go Club Week in Review 28May2007

Ft. Myers Go Club Week in Review 28May2007

Last week was a good week for the Ft. Myers Go Club. Participation in all club activities is on the rise, and I suspect will continue to rise over the summer until many return to school and studies next fall.

Tuesday at the Cape Coral Library with the Gulfcoast Chess Club and Rob Cheyne, found 8 playing Go.
Rob, myself, Linda, Chris, Nick, Sam, Trinka, and one new young player, Jacob, who learned the game.

Thursday at the N. Ft. Myers Library, we had 9 that played Go. Our regular participants, Lisa, Brenna, and Jerek and myself. Linda, Chris, Nick and Sam joined us, and one lady stopped in to see what the game of Go was about.

Sunday, it must be Barnes and Nobles, where else? From 1 PM to about 5:30 we met to play Go. Mr. Joshua Frye was out of town, enjoying a very well earned mini-vacation to Disney World with his wonderful wife and son.

Rob Cheyne and I met with 12 other players from Mr. Joshua Frye's math class.

This week also saw our club ranks swell by 26 members, who registered with the AGA through Mr. Frye's classes.

The First Ever Ft. Myers Go Club Monthly Rating Tournament , on June 9th, looks like it will be a roaring success.

Your Club reporter,