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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunday May 13th report

Hi all,

I hope that all honored their mothers yesterday with lots of love and attention. They so richly derserve all we can give them.

The regular SWFL Go Club meeting at Barnes and Nobles Sunday had 6 playing Go.

Rob, Zachary, James S. and myself from Ft. Myers area, with Nathan and Shawn from Naples coming up to join us for the afternoon of Go.

We played in the fridged air conditioning in the back corner of the store, I think I like the cafe area better. It's not as chilly and more people get to see us play.

We had one young man, a chess player, find us in the back and ask about the game. He invited us to join them to play chess in the cafe during the week.

Over all it was a good afternoon playing Go.

Your club reporter,

Kent Secor, kent1956