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Sunday, May 6, 2007

May 6, 2007 Update

Just an update.

Last weeks Sunday meeting found 11 people gathered at S. Ft. Myers Barnes and Nobles Cafe to play Go. Joshua, Rob and myself and 8 of Joshua's students from Lexington Middle School met from 1 PM to about 4 Pm. We had 5 Go boards in play continuously.

We had a couple of people ask us about the game we were playing, and I talked to a teacher I personally know about the game and introducing it to her school. I need a better presentation package for school programs, at present I have little to nothing. Anyone have a laptop they are not using? It would be great to be able to do powerpoint demos and show videos.

Thursday night found me at the N. Ft. Myers Public Library to host another Go program. Two from last week showed up to continue playing, four more sat down to play a game or two with us. One young lady of about 10, kept exclaiming, "This is fun!" the whole time she was playing games with her neighbor friend.

Sunday again, and I sit here slightly disappointed. There is a Go Tournament in Orlando this weekend and I could not attend.... *sigh*....

Just makes me want to get the club tourneys going. Looking forward to doing monthly rating tourneys this fall. We are planning on doing a couple of tournaments this summer.

Well until next time, that's the scoop on the Go community in South West Florida.

Kent1956 signing off