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Monday, May 21, 2007

Week in Review 21 May, 2007

By Kent Secor, club reporter.

Last Tuesday found me at the Cape Coral Library for a visit with the Gulf Coast Chess Club and Rob Cheyne.

Rob is a chess master, though he doesn't claim to be, and chess teacher who migrated here from Toronto, Canada....eh!...He has been playing go for about a year now and is ranked 8 kyu on KGS.

As a member of the new Ft. Myers Go club he is interested in combining a Go program in the chess club along with the chess club he supervises at the Cape Coral Public Library.

We played a couple of Go games during the chess club and showed the game to over 5 chess players. We will repeat this Chess/Go "meeting" again this week. The AGF grant is submitted for this program and the starter set should be on the way, then we will kick off the new Go program.

Thursday, it was the N. Ft. Myers Public Library, where our faithful three members showed up to continue their Go education. Lisa, Jerek and Brenna are progressing well in their understanding of the game. Also I was able to introduce the game to a couple of the library patrons. Next week I will be starting a series of short educational lectures.

Sunday was the regular meeting of the Ft. Myers Go Club at Barnes and Nobles. We had 11 people come out and join us for Go play. Rob, Mr. Joshua Frye (Go Teacher of the year, at least in my book), Dave Saha, Niles, Alex and Alex D., Emma, Christopher, Nick, Sam and myself.
We also were able to introduce the game to three people in the Cafe, and help Mrs. DeSouza, one of the Go mom's, learn basic Go game play.
We appreciate all the Go Mom's and Dad's for supporting thier children's Go Club activites and look forward to adding some of you to the list of playing members.

Mr. Joshua Frye and Alex deep into a game.

Emma and Niles.

We played Go from 1pm to about 5:30 in the cafe.

The plans are being firmed up for the First Ever Ft. Myer Go Club Monthly Rating Tournament.

To follow the details of this and all activites of Go in the Ft. Myers area stay tuned here.

Until next time,
this is Kent1956,
the Ft. Myers Go Club reporter signing out....