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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Night at the Library

Just got back from the NFM Library. We had another great evening playing Go.

Nathan from Naples, FL came up early to play a couple of games before the scheduled Go program. Lisa a member of the Anime Club showed up before Nathan and played me in her first 19x19 game. With a 13 stone handicap she faired pretty well against me in this teaching game. With only two weeks since she learned the game, her grasp of the basics is firm and we were able to teach her some starting strategy.

We had a new player join us tonight for the first time, Jereck (I hope I'm spelling his name correct) a young man in his teens. He knows the Japanese anime/manga Hikaru no go and has played just a few games on the old MSN.games Go room (which is no longer in existance, by rumor, started by Microsoft, there will be a new improved room....after over a year we still wait for it!). I played Jereck a 9x9 to access his strength, then a 13x13 teaching game. He plans to be returning next week.

Last Sunday, since I couldn't make the Orlando Go Tournament (so sad.....), I balmed my soul with a couple of Go games at Barnes and Nobles. I went just in case someone showed up, knowing that if someone came for the first time and found no one there, they would never return. The Ponader gang showed up to play a couple of games with a new magnetic travel goban set from the great folks at Yellow Mountain Imports . I played a couple of games with the older brothers, and talked a bit with their mother, who is our first Go Mom volunteer.....three cheers for Mrs. Ponader.

Sunday will be another regularly scheduled Go Club meeting, see ya' all there, Let's Play Go!